Country View Lodging

Digital Strategy, Web Development, Content Creation


This case study explores the digital transformation of Country View, a small lodge located in Elkton. The overhaul resulted in a more than 100% revenue increase in the first year, with sustained annual growth and a significant rise in global online visibility and bookings.

Digital Strategy
Wordpress Development
Booking Engine
Content Creation


Country View, originally seeking to update their obsolete website, aimed to improve their online customer management and booking capabilities. The project evolved into a broader digital strategy endeavor, including brand redefinition and online presence enhancement.


The primary challenge was developing a website that not only offered efficient online booking but also resonated with Country View’s distinctive brand identity. Another critical objective was to establish a strong online presence that would attract and retain visitors, leveraging the lodge’s unique location near Shenandoah National Park.


A comprehensive digital strategy was implemented, focusing on creating a user-friendly, engaging website. This included optimizing for SEO, improving content management, and ensuring a consistent and appealing digital presence.


The new website, built on WordPress and integrated with WooCommerce for booking, was designed to reflect Country View’s brand ethos of adventure. The site features photography and video that capture the essence of the lodge and its surroundings, offering an immersive user experience. An organic growth strategy, leveraging SEO and focusing on the National Park and nearby attractions, was deployed to increase online visibility and attract visitors.


The revamped digital strategy yielded outstanding results, with a revenue increase of over 100% in the first year and continued growth at a rate of 20% annually. The lodge has attracted guests from around the globe, primarily through Google searches, making organic search the largest channel for customer acquisition.


“The transformation of our digital platform has been a game-changer. The new website not only embodies our brand's adventurous spirit but also makes booking a breeze for our guests. The SEO strategy has significantly amplified our online presence, drawing visitors worldwide to our doorstep.”

Nick Weaver

Business Owner


Country View’s digital strategy successfully integrated a new booking system into a brand-aligned website, enhancing functionality and user experience. This strategic overhaul has not only improved online visibility but also positioned the lodge for sustained growth and increased guest engagement in the digital realm.