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This case study outlines the digital transformation of Divine Unity Community Church’s (DUCC) website. The project aimed to revamp the church's digital presence, creating a robust online platform to enhance community engagement and extend its outreach.

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DUCC is a community church based in Harrisonburg, VA, with a growing influence in the local community. The church required a digital overhaul due to an outdated website and the need for a more effective online strategy to support its expanding role.

The Challenge

The primary challenges included modernizing an outdated website, improving the user experience, and creating a digital hub that could effectively convey the church's message and facilitate community engagement.

The Solution

A comprehensive digital strategy was implemented, focusing on creating a user-friendly, engaging website. This included optimizing for SEO, improving content management, and ensuring a consistent and appealing digital presence.

The Implementation

The implementation process involved a complete redesign of the website's structure and appearance, integration of a content management system for easy updates, and training staff in digital content strategies. The project also focused on aligning the website with the church’s broader digital goals, such as social media and podcast initiatives.

The Results

The revamped website became the cornerstone of the church's digital footprint, leading to a doubling of website traffic from about 1,500 to 3,000 users in the first year. This success laid the foundation for expanded digital initiatives, including social media and podcasting, thereby enhancing the church's overall digital reach and engagement.


"Mark's ability to understand and execute our vision, even when we can't fully articulate it, is remarkable."

Dr. Chris Johnson

Lead Pastor

"Grateful for Mark's contribution, his work has been pivotal in the growth and reach of our church online."

Nathaniel Parrott Sr
Creative Pastor

The Conclusion

This project significantly enhanced DUCC's digital presence, establishing a dynamic and accessible online platform. The new website not only improved user engagement but also served as a launchpad for further digital ventures, amplifying the church's reach and impact online.