Brand Identity, Digital Strategy


VolleyDAO successfully established a dynamic and influential brand in the volleyball community by adopting a unique identity and a digital presence. This led to significant growth in community engagement, with notable achievements in both Discord and social media followings.

Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Social Media Management
Digital Strategy
Web Development
Community Management


VolleyDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that unites volleyball athletes, creators, and fans in a collaborative effort to expand the reach and influence of volleyball. This innovative platform is a hub for those passionate about the sport, whether it be traditional indoor volleyball or beach volleyball, providing a unique space for interaction, growth, and development.


The core challenge was to create a brand identity that authentically represents the lively and spirited nature of beach volleyball. Additionally, the task was to devise a strategy that would effectively leverage digital platforms for brand expansion and community engagement.


To address these challenges, VolleyDAO engaged closely with volleyball content creators, embracing a rebellious and distinctive brand identity. The digital strategy was anchored in a strong social media presence, targeting platforms where the volleyball community is most active.


The strategy was put into action through the development of an interactive website, which became a central hub for information and engagement. A Discord community was established to foster real-time communication and collaboration among members. Social media channels, particularly Instagram and Twitter, were used to engage the wider volleyball audience, share content, and promote community events.


This strategic approach resulted in substantial community growth: the Discord server grew to over 200 members, and social media platforms saw an increase to over 500 followers. The growth in these areas not only demonstrated effective brand building and community engagement but also solidified VolleyDAO's position as a key player in the digital volleyball community.

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